Episode 6 – Faithful

In this episode, I sit down with Dane Christensen, the director, and Jenn Lee Smith, the producer, of the documentary short film “Faithful”. In the film, we follow the story of Lauralie and Marylu, two faithful gay Mormon women living in Roosevelt, UT, who, although a couple, maintain a celibate lifestyle in order to stay in good standing with the LDS church.

For more info on the film (or to find out how to see it), listen to the podcast, and check it out at faithfulmormonfilm.com

Queer Mormon Kiki

I apologize for taking so long to post new content. I had a big certification test that I’d been working on for about a year to prepare for, I started a new job, and flew across the world and the US once each.

Anyway, enough excuses. In this bonus episode, a bunch of queer Mormons sit down at a dining room table and talk about the anniversary of the Pulse shooting in Orlando, our sometimes fraught relationships with allies, and other issues of concern for the queer LDS community. Caution: a very few swear words for those of delicate ear palettes.

Please enjoy.